Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Kokinshu #383

Tuesday, 30 April 2013 07:07
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Written and sent to someone who traveled to Koshi.

    I shall continue,
it seems, longing for you
    only from afar
-- I who cannot even go
see the snows of White Mountain.

—28 April 2013

(Original by Ôshikôchi no Mitsune.) White Mountain in Koshi, here called Shirayama, is modern Hakusan (same meaning only in Chinese) on the border of Gifu, Fukui, and Ishikawa Prefectures. It will also reappear in later poems. Possible pivot-word: yuki can be "going" and "snow," but you can get an understandable if less idiomatic statement if you just read "snow" (and many texts write it with the kanji for snow). Possibly irrelevant detail: the original second line (the first two of the translation) is the same as the last line of #180 (equivalent to l.4 of the translation).

yoso ni nomi
koi ya wataramu
shirayama no
yuki mirubeku mo
aranu waga mi wa



Warning: contents contain line-breaks.

As language practice, I was translating classical Japanese poetry -- most recently, book 11 (love part 1) of the Kokinshu anthology. This project is, however, on hiatus. Past translations are archived here. Suggestions, corrections, and questions always welcome.

There's also original pomes in the journal archives.

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