Sunday, 12 May 2013

Kokinshu #389

Sunday, 12 May 2013 08:38
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Written when Sane said, "Now return home from here."

    Because I have gone
out of my mind with yearning
    to come along with you,
I can't even comprehend
which road is the way for home.

—10 May 2013

Original by Fujiwara no Kanemochi. Apparently a direct reply to the previous. Most of the time, I translate kokoro as "heart" as that usually encompasses the most relevant senses of the original, but the conceit here hinges on a sense involving awareness or intelligence. To convey this, my rendering is more free than usual -- more literally it's, "Because my yearning-and-has-come spirit/heart is with you, I don't know even the road that's the return way." Either way, not the best of poems, though the echo of kinishi/mi ni shi is a neat touch.

kinishi kokoro no
mi ni shi areba
kaeru sama ni wa
michi mo shirarezu



Warning: contents contain line-breaks.

As language practice, I was translating classical Japanese poetry -- most recently, book 11 (love part 1) of the Kokinshu anthology. This project is, however, on hiatus. Past translations are archived here. Suggestions, corrections, and questions always welcome.

There's also original pomes in the journal archives.

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