Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Shinkokinshu #422

Wednesday, 17 July 2013 06:58
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When presenting a 50-poem sequence [on the topic] "Field, road, moon."

    At the journey's end,
the sky and a single field --
    in Musashino
from out of the plain of grass
the rising moonlight.

—12 July 2013

Original by Fujiwara no Yoshitsune. A small joke -- as this is something really completely different: the "next" poem, as in #422, but from the Shinkokinshu, the eighth imperial anthology, compiled almost exactly 300 years later than the Kokinshu. I peeked into it just for fun and found I actually could more or less read many of of them -- and translating poems that are imagistic rather than focused on tone and wordplay is an interesting exercise. So, too, statements without a main verb (a specific poetic effect). From the middle of Book IV, which as in the Kokinshu is the first autumn book. Next up, the real next #422.

yukusue wa
sora mo hitotsu no
musashino ni
kusa no hara yori
izuru tsukikage



Warning: contents contain line-breaks.

As language practice, I was translating classical Japanese poetry -- most recently, book 11 (love part 1) of the Kokinshu anthology. This project is, however, on hiatus. Past translations are archived here. Suggestions, corrections, and questions always welcome.

There's also original pomes in the journal archives.

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