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Kokinshu #473

(Topic unknown.)

    While I keep hearing
of you through these whispers
    from Mount Wing-Whisper,
down here near Meeting-Hill Gate
I am, ah!, passing the years.

—19 November 2013

Original by Ariwara no Motokata. For Otowa ("wing-sound") and Ôsaka ("meeting-hill"), see #142 and #374, respectively; they are close together in the hills southeast of the capital. More heavy-handed wordplay by Motokata: the oto of Otowa being a pivot-doublet for its meaning of "sound/rumor" -- I loosely translate Otowa's name to replicate the effect. "Of you" is, as often, interpretive, with the pronoun chosen as much for gender-neutrality as anything.

oto ni kikitsutsu
ôsaka no
seki no konata ni
toshi o furu ka na